JWA News Update: 1.9 bugs and fixes, Lunchbox Chase, and JWA Backgrounds available

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Welcome back Explorers! Patch 1.9 has been out for a week now and it's been an exciting one! Check out our 1.9 coverage below as well as a look at the weekly creatures and what do dart. We have some updates on 1.9 bugs and fixes. We'll also breakdown what the lunchbox chase is and take a look at some new wallpapers they have available to download. So let's get to it! 

1.9 Bugs and Fixes

With every new update comes new bugs. Shortly after 1.9 went live, they posted the known issues that have been experienced:


  • VIP | Some players enrolled to VIP are experiencing an issue with the visibility of their membership.
  • Maps | Alanqa does not appear on the map.
  • Battle | Diplovenator battle tool-tip appears improperly.
  • Alliance | Navigating from Campaign to Alliance causes Alliance icon to disappear.
  • Lab | Dsungaripterus is missing texture.
  • Store | Visual discrepancy makes it appear as though one can purchase multiple Boosts. This is not the case. The visual bug fix is in the works.
  • Campaign | Campaign Mission Incubators are not currently counting towards the Open Incubator Daily Mission.
  • Creatures | We’re aware that the Smilonemys is too powerful. We are considering rebalancing its attributes and/or abilities before the next major update.

According to their forum post, all of these issues have been fixed, including the VIP issue. Since we haven't seen anyone that actually has a Smilonemys, we can't confirm what they actually did (if anything) to balance it, but there have been reports of people who have played Smilonemys AI and the stats have definitely changed. There was a reduction to HP and Attack from the looks of it, but the code hasn't changed to confirm that yet. 

There are still other issues that are waiting to be fixed, however. With the biggest being the park scent issue. Right now, if you run a scent in a park it will not attract any park creatures at all. It will only pull local and global dinos. So if you are looking for the elusive Carbonemys (or the turtle as we like to call it) you are going to have to go hunting for it without the use of scents. 

They are actively adding to the post about the known issues and doing a little better about informing us when issues are fixed (except the park scent), so hopefully they will continue to do that. We will also keep you informed as we know more information about known issues and their status. 

Lunchbox Treasure Chase

The theme this week is Spelling Bee and we have a "Lunchbox Chase" that is happening all week. Similar to the red treasure chases we had in September, there are themed lunchbox chests on the map.

lunchbox treasure chest

Unlike the red treasure chests, however, these chests do not disappear after you click on them and the rewards seem to range from 125-5000 coins. They reset every 24 hours but you can get up to 25,0000 coins per day so make sure you are collecting as many as possible! 

New Backgrounds available

In a recent tweet, Ludia announced JWA themed backgrounds that are available for your phone, tablet, and PC. They seem to be most of the loading screens, including the current one with Indominus Rex Gen2 and Indotraptor Gen 2 and a new one that features Blue. 


You can download these backgrounds using the button below. 

JWA Backgrounds

Wrap Up

Another exciting week in the world of JWA as we take time to soak in update 1.9. We are getting ready to start working on our tier list and will have that out as soon as possible. And as always, make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook where we will keep you up to date with information,and join our discussion on discord. 

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